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Buwa Shete

Monday, May 23, 2005
Untitled by Buwa Shete
His pallete is earthy, and forms subtle. They contain a dream like quality.
His style is characterized by contemporary modernist figures, rendered mysterious by his uniquely Indian style.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005
of PopArt?

Sudhir Kumar Duppati's style is Warholesque! His typographic works are extremely beautiful, and with highly Urban colors like lime and burnt umber, he has created vivid imagery which is a queer blend of the modern and the ethnic.

Of all his works, one is extremely thought provoking, appropriately titled Ashes.

Sudhir Kumar Dupatti's Ashes!

The pallete and composition is extremely powerful. The Grayscale image of the old lady, the cigarette that coincides with the lips of both the lady in the background and the figure in the foreground.

The proximity of the pairs of eyes to each other causes a dyslexic feel at first. One might get a feeling of being watched.

The Mellow Pallete

of Nitin Nangare

Untitled by Nitin Nangare

The works of Nitin Nangare have earthy hues, unimposing subtle lines, and a sense of movement. This painting above, Untitled, has patches of gray and brown on the edges. These indicate Urbanism and structure in flowing imagery, in addition to the 'out-of-frame expectation' of movement and mystery.


by Jitendra G Gosai

Vartan by Jitendra G Gosai
A series of crisp and volatile imagery. The paintings give a feel of harsh reality, innocence, freedom and energy. Highly recommended for Urban Spaces in a minimalistic style.

The style is grunge and textured, with balanced fluidity.

SaffronArt facilitates procuring Gosai's work.


Saturday, April 09, 2005
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